Company: Our Customer in Retail Fashion Job Type: Full time
Company Type: Viet Nam Working Location: TP HCM
Job Code: 47 Gender: Male/Female
Job Level: Director and above Age: 33-46
Salary: 80,000,000 - 100,000,000 VND Deadline To Apply: 31/12/1017

    Our Customer is a large company in Retail Fashion with Head office in Ho Chi Minh City. They are more 100 stores in Viet Nam. By the reason to develop their business they are looking for a Retail Operation Director with the job description as following:


    1. Operation Retail Director is in charge of general oversight for nation-wide different retail locations.
    2. Develop the strategy and ensure the efficient management of all aspects of Retail
    3. Maximize shop sales generation with
    4. To be responsible for the effective performance management of the Store Managers and the store
    5. Responsible for the management of all retail activities, taking overall responsibility for the operation management and support of paid staff as well as part-time
    6. To ensure that shops operating in the designated area achieve business


    Employee Management

    • A Operation Retail Director is responsible for making sure that all stores under his or her leadership are staffed correctly & efficiently at all
    • Provide employee operation manuals to store managers and help to provide employee training when
    • The Operation Retail Director must be able to accurately estimate the needs of each store location and work with the store’s management to solve conflicts, make sure that scheduling needs are met and assist in improving employee performance and retention. This involves periodic site visits to check employee performance and gauge customer satisfaction.
    • To effectively coach, train, lead, manage and develop Retail Area Managers,
    • and casual staff to agreed procedures and
    • To ensure the effective management of all retail staff and volunteers and to ensure adequate staffing levels throughout the
    • To give support to staff so they have the opportunity to develop their skills in the role and to achieve growth in
    • To ensure that all performance issues, and other issues within the shop, are addressed in an appropriate and timely
    • To uphold the reputation of company by maintaining high personal standards and projecting a warm, appreciative and welcoming attitude towards customers, partners.
    • To effectively communicate with the Retail Management, shop staff, volunteers and other company personnel, cascading information as relevant. To represent the retail operation business and communicate externally as required.
    • To promote a customer care approach within the retail business, investigating complaints or issues of poor customer care, both timely and efficiently.
    • To maintain and develop beneficial working relationships with other company.
    • departments to further the organization’s objectives, including appropriate attendance at Management Team meetings and volunteer.
    • To take responsibility for personal and professional development to ensure Management appraisals are completed.


    • To grow sales KPIs, and to motivate staff to achieve this same
    • As the Operation Retail Director, to develop, implement, review and monitoring the retail operating plan and.
    • To maintain, seek, utilize and analyze management information including electronic equipment, facility data to manage performance, seize opportunities and make informed management decisions, taking appropriate remedial action as required to reach and maintain retail budgeted sales and net income contributions and develop and drive the business.
    • To ensure all shops are efficiently and effectively execute well brand promotion or brand activation activities, managing them, visiting stores regularly and monitoring their compliance with policy, procedure and standards.
    • To ensure shop managed in a clean and tidy.
    • To work closely with HR Manager to pipe out resources requirement and feel the gaps in order to maintain the effectiveness of store retail operation.


    • To develop corporate policy driving display, merchandising, pricing and grading whilst observing high street and retail.
    • To monitor stock in each shop, ensuring there are adequate supplies. To identify methods of stock generation in conjunction with the Store Manager, and to respond to stock concerns where
    • To maintain an awareness of the organization’s priorities and promote the work of company to the Retail Management, shop staff, part-time resources and the general.


    • Working in conjunction with consultants and contractors, to carry out new shop site evaluations and questionnaires.
    • Working with contractors or internal construction team assigned, to ensure shop refits are carried out in accordance with brand guidelines meeting relevant time schedules, and ensuring shop standards are maintained on an ongoing.

    Responsibility for maintaining shops both freehold and leasehold to an acceptable standard, complying with both safety standards and planned preventative maintenance.


    • To collate information and other statistical reports on shops’ progress, or action
    • planning as required, ensuring timely and accurate reporting of all aspects of administration, following up issues of discrepancies as.
    • To take responsibility to ensure the awareness and understanding of the retail Health and Safety relevant
    • To instigate and implement new policies and working practices in conjunction with functional heads and to undertake responsibility for ad-hoc initiatives, as and where
    • To ensure policies, procedures, guidelines and legislation comply with the promotion laws or brand guidelines.
    • To ensure the safety and security of people, stock, cash and property, implementing effective administration, Electrical Point of Sales, procedures and security systems throughout the shops in accordance with company guidelines.
    • To be responsible for the accurate completion and sign off of all staff records including salary and sickness.

     Inventory Analysis

    A large part of the Operation Retail Director’s job is to control costs. Operation Retail Director must be able to forecast sales figures and inventory requirements for each location. This requires doing a periodic inventory analysis for each store and using that analysis coupled with sales figures to determine the optimal stock levels. This analysis is used to determine how much of each product or brand should be ordered for each store, when it should be delivered and encourages ordering protocols to optimize store stock to build sales figures without overstocking.

     Visual Merchandising

    Visual merchandising in retail refers to how the store is set up aesthetically for customers. The idea is that the more visually appealing a store is, the more customers are likely to shop there. The operation retail director must be able to determine a layout of store merchandise that is visually appealing to consumers. You should then be able to instruct the store’s management and employees on how to maintain the design with the arrival of new merchandise. Another consideration is teaching the store’s employees how to optimize space for special events, such as in- store discount sales.

     Cost Management

    Cost management is another large part of a operation retail director’s role. You must constantly review store sales numbers, cost of inventory, operational expenses and inventory loss. This continual analysis helps to determine whether or not the store is meeting its goals. From this point the operations manager can also develop a plan to suggest to management how each location could change in order to maximize profits and reduce loss at the store level.


    • To undertake all mandatory training for retail operation as required by company and participate in appropriate in-service training as and when.
    • Maintaining the strict confidentiality of all information acquired especially with regard to sensitive matters of staff.
    • To undertake an appraisal and personal development review annually and through self-development, continuously update and improve knowledge and competencies.
    • To be a co-operative and supportive member of HPI, ensuring that all
    • members are aware of any issues in the post holder’s workload, which may affect other members of the company.
    • To manage all volunteers and ensure a strong communications network with the aim of developing effective working relationships. To providing regular feedback to assist with, motivation, performance management and continued support.
    • To take responsibility for being up to date with current policies and procedures and to adhere to.
    • Co-operating fully in the introduction of any new technology and new methods as.
    • To promote at all times company core.

    To undertake any other relevant duties within the overall scope of this post as may be requested by the CFO.

    C. Job requirement

    • Male or Female
    • Having a background in retail, business management or a combination of the two is helpful when seeking this type of
    • Have more than 5 years of experiences in big-scaled fashion companies or groups or departments in retail fashion business
    • Have strong knowledge, skills related to retail fashion business
    • Good English speaking for effective communication
    • Good oral and written communication
    • Analytical
    • Commercial
    • Ability to adapt to different customer needs and to develop and maintain successful working
    • A good standard of numeracy in order to analyze facts
    • A confident and mature approach.

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