Payroll & Recruitment Services

Our Services: Payroll & Recruitment

We focus and supply to clients a fast & economical hr services of payroll and recruitment by more 10 years experience in human resource services and managed by professional ERP software.

Payroll Service:

-Performed & managed by professional payroll calculate software to help do on time & accurate  in every module of payroll.

-Implement social insurance & personal income tax on time.

-Special for worker & sales force payroll.

-The best cost for client.

Recruitment Service:

We service of headhunter, recruitment consulting for senior and junior positions at level as CEO, Managing Director, Country Manager, Director, Manager, Expat; Expert, Supervisor, Executive, Staff, project recruitment and mass recruitment in fields as following:

  • Investment: Real Estate – Construction – Hospitality – Property – Finance – Stock – Banking
  • Retail & Wholesale: FMCG – Consumer goods – Fashion – Cosmetics – F&B – Pharmaceutical – Healthcare
  • Industrial: Manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, logistics
  • IT, E-commerce.