Company: Cty CP Job Type: Full time
Company Type: Viet Nam Working Location: TP HCM
Job Code: 1809 Gender: Male/Female
Job Level: Director and above Age: N/A
Salary: Negotiate > 100 mil vnd Deadline To Apply: 31/03/2020

    H-TALENT SEARCH are looking for TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR to work for a corporation in transport field in Ho Chi Minh City as following details:

    Key Responsibility:


    • Develop investment plan and roadmap for IT investment
    • Demonstrate cost-efficiency of proposed solutions
    • Negotiate with suppliers for cost savings
    • Effective procurement of development resources & systems
    • Rationalize systems, support and costs accordingly


    • Develop systems to significantly improve efficiency of transportation businesses
    • Driver management
    • Vehicle management
    • Contact management
    • Financial management
    • Quality & risk management
    • Infrastructure & architecture to grow business including autotech
    • Develop portable Technology stacks to enable international portability (eg. data warehouse, dashboards, e-delegated authorities)
    • Use technology to deliver productivity improvements across the organizations
    • Process standardization & digitization
    • Automation & process improvement
    • Effective technical project management


    • Support BoM to effectively deliver annual & strategic plan
    • Internal Customer service:
    • Improve support for Customer-facing business units
    • Internal, market & big data (eg. telco data) provisioning & analysis
    • Develop approved plan for future technology roadmap
    • Provide effective support to present integrated experience of ML propositions & business lines
    • Effective Partner integrations and APIs
    • Improve customer experience


    • IT security
    • Procurement risk
    • Business continuity planning / Disaster recovery
    • Compliance with internal regulations & external legal codes


    Qualification & Experience

    • Graduated in technology from major University or international university
    • Post graduate qualification preferred
    • Minimum 10 years experience in technology management overall & 5 years experience developing software solutions & infrastructure in transport or similar industry
    • Data management & BI expertise

    Knowledge & Skills

    • Technology architecture
    • Strong project management
    • Open API development
    • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills
    • Leadership, people management skills, project management skills.
    • Strategic, operational, financial and budget management.


    • Fluency in Vietnamese & English (4 skills: Listening; Speaking; Reading; Writing)

    Contact information:


    Hotline: 0917828883